About Us

The legend
According to the legend of Parthenope, a beautiful mermaid, who was disappointed after failing to bewitch the daredevous Ulysses, in pain for love, chose to take his life in an enchanted place, that is on the banks of the islet of Megaride where today stands the Castel dell’Ovo, and that from such enchanted meeting between the siren and the gulf the so much beauty of the city of Naples was born, the city of Parthenope, the city kissed by the beauty, where the colors the flavors and the perfumes are unequaled in all the world and the magic of the siren still echoes throughout the enchanted gulf. Naples grew to become an inspiring muse of arts and crafts and was the seat of numerous artisan workshops, where for generations the hand-crafted culture of the only one was handed down; it is from these skilful hands that the art of sartorial fashion that today is recognized all over the world comes to life.

The Brand PARTHENOPE – BOTTEGHE ARTIGIANE embodies this art in its products, researching, rediscovering, re-evaluating the work of Neapolitan artisans who create uniqueness, charm and beauty in objects made strictly in Parthenope … Made in Italy.
From shoes to jewels, from tailoring to bags, every object is cured and hand-crafted by expert craftsmen to give our customers unique pieces with undisputed artistic value and deep cultural value, rich in an ancient memory of beauty and know how to do, created in magical places called Artisan Workshops.

The objectives of Parthenope – Botteghe Artigiane are to create a series of exclusive, dynamic and captivating single products that can create a total look collection for women and modern men. Fille rouge of our collections will be the Italian spirit, the historical strength of the Neapolitan tradition, through the use of skilled hands of master craftsmen who, with their skills, combine style with exclusivity. Parthenope – Botteghe Artigiane is an emotional start-up, made up of young and enterprising professionals from the world of fashion and communication.
The brand’s mission is to create a distribution network made up of globally recognized professionals, who refer to high and medium-high stores, which can contain our product and exhibit it among the best competitors on the market.
Parthenope – Botteghe Artigiane born from a mono-product project that embodies the totality of Made in Italy. The leathers, materials and structures come from the best Italian suppliers. The accessories are refined and personalized, forged by the skilled hands of Neapolitan craftsmen. The design is Italian as well as the choice of colors reminiscent of the energy of the sea, of food and of the lands surrounding the city of Naples.
This is how our first Neapolitan jewel was born: “SIRENA”, a modern, contemporary shoe, created by tradition and the knowledge of the best scarpai masters, produced in fifteen colors and a style reminiscent of the collars of the old local shirts, known all over the world for style and charm. The closure of the shoe is special, designed by the stylistic team so that a shirt cuff can become a jewel set in the skin.
The second born in the house Parthenope is a clutch with the same taste, which also gives the most demanding woman, a modern bag, comfortable and colorful. The “SOFIA” clutch bag, in honor of the famous actress, is produced in two variants in the two colors matched to the shoes, has a double closure, one with zip and one with jeweled cufflink that makes it safe and at the same time fashionable and elegant.
For the first winter season Parthenope – Artisan Shops evolves presenting a new collection of women’s shoes, where the classic style but trendy in quality leather and fabrics, blends the grit of innovative and captivating models in glitter and mongolia, integrating in each of them the theme of the shirt twin. The latter are proposed not only in the classic style, now become the icon of the brand, but turned into real jewels through a skilful use of stones, crystals, feathers and precious glazes.


Parthenope Botteghe Artigiane | Napoli – Via Toledo, 306 | Milano – Via Marcona, 1