270.00 135.00

Knee high boot

Genuine Black Leather.

8.5cm triangular heel in real leather

The structure has been studied for elegance and comfort by our designers.

Our Product is Certified and Guaranteed. Style and design by Parthenope.



The Parthenope Brand Botteghe Artigiane holds art tales in its products, re-evaluating the work of the artisans who make charm in strictly Made in Italy objects.

From shoes to jewels, from tailoring to bags, every object for us by Parthenope Botteghe Artigiane is handcrafted and handcrafted by expert craftsmen to dare our customers unique pieces with undisputed artistic value and deep cultural value. All this created in magical places and craft shops.

Parthenope Botteghe Artigiane was born from a single-product project that will embody the totality of Made in Italy. The leathers, materials and structures come from the best Italian suppliers. The accessories are refined and personalized, forged by the skilled hands of Neapolitan craftsmen. The design is Italian as well as the choice of colors reminiscent of the energy of the sea, of food and of the lands surrounding the city of Naples.

According to the legend of Parthenope, a beautiful mermaid, who was disappointed after failing to admit Ulysses, chose to take her life in an enchanted place. From history, the mermaid and the gulf meet the beauty of the city of Naples, the city of Parthenope. The city kissed by beauty, where the flavors and aromas are, are not the same all over the world. Naples grew to become an inspiring muse of arts and crafts and was the seat of numerous artisan workshops. It is from these skilful hands that the art of sartorial fashion that today is recognized throughout the world comes to life.


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